Let's talk about food.

So, while we are in Europe, we are not really doing Whole 30..ehem. At all. Now that I got that over with, let's talk about what we are doing. That would be eating. Lot's of eating.
This looks like a potato, right? It's a marzipankartoffeln. Marzipan potatoes covered in cinnamon. Different, but tasty. 

A Christmas beverage. This was actually not ours, but it was so pretty I just had to take a picture ;)

Nuremberger! A roll with 3 links of sausage that is specific to Nuremberg. This was Jesse's; I put mustard and pickles on mine. Brad made these for us at their house, and I actually liked his better than I did the one I got at the Christmas market. 

Jaegerschnitzel and home fries (I think). Best potatoes ever. Salty and buttery and so delicious. We ate this meal at a little place in Illisheim that reminded me of the Ugly Duckling tavern from Tangled.


I haven't actually taken a picture of the pretzels I've eaten...because they go pretty quickly. There's just no time for that when I'm trying to eat a pretzel. Auntie Anne can keep her $5 pretzels. Germany offers some awesome .50€ pretzels.

Just a pretty, sprinkled piece of chocolate. 

Jesse and I took a train to Munich this morning for a little side trip. We've had a great time looking at the different shops, cathedrals, monuments, sculptures and you guessed it..eating food!

Tomorrow we will go tour a concentration camp outside of Munich.  I expect that it will be a hard/emotional tour, but I know it will be a meaningful experience to honor those who suffered and lost their lives.


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