Days 12/13

Day 12 was rather tough. Not because I felt tempted and just couldn't handle it. It's more that I just get bummed when I am questioned/analyzed about doing the Whole 30. I don't see what could be bad about improving your diet?? Anywho. Haters gonna hate. Moving on.

Day 13 was AWESOME! I got to spend all day with my hubby planning stuff for our trip to Europe. 12 days! OMGoodness!!!!


Just a sneak peak of one of our hotels. Hotel Italia in Cortona, Italy right in the heart of Tuscany!
Oh, back to the food thing. So today we kind of had a cheat day today. We actually weren't technically cheating, but it felt like it! We cooking hamburger steak and cottage fries and ate that for lunch and dinner. And we didn't have any green vegetables. Muahahaha.
 I recently discovered that we actually can have potatoes. I thought we couldn't, but they changed that rule. So we had potatoes for the first time in 12 days. And that would explain why I feel yucky. I think we might add them back into our diet, but in smaller portions and only in moderation. Lesson learned.
Have a good rest of your Saturday!


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