We took a little side trip to Munich (or München, if you're a local) on Monday. We took a train that morning and we got to Munich around noon. After getting a map of the city, we headed to our hotel so that we could drop off our bags. We booked a hotel that was relatively close to the hauptbahnhof (the central train station), so we just walked to our hotel from there. 

Train selfie :)

Waiting to board our train to Munich!

We've been wanting hot chocolate since it's Christmas time and it's pretty cold, but haven't found any in Germany yet. We found a vending machine with hot beverages at the train station. Score!

Dinner. Some interesting local-style sandwiches.

Apparently Walter White didn't die. He just gained a little weight, moved to Germany, and now works as a security guard. 

Busy train station.

U-bahn tunnel.

The Hofbrauhaus. A famous beer hall built in 1589. They were so crowded because it was Christmas Eve Eve, but we walked around and saw the place. We also got to see a traditional Bavarian Oompah band. 

Life is hard for a dog in a pipe shop.

The new Town Hall. 

Munich had so many Christmas decorations.

The old Town Hall. Doesn't it look very Disney-esque? The whole time I've been in Germany I keeping saying "oh, that looks like something from Disney World!" NO!! Disney World got their ideas from these incredible places. 

Another view of new Town Hall.

Panorama of the Marienplatz area. 

We walked around at an open air market and saw produce, cheeses, meats, and olives. Any olive or pickled food you could imagine. 

A may pole!

We booked a hotel for Munich the night before we left, so we really weren't sure what we were getting ourselves into. We went with this hotel/b&b because breakfast was included. I absolutely loved our hotel. It was perfectly cozy, simple and comfortable. 

Our room key. It was huge!

Simple, but just perfect.

Breakfast the next morning was absolutely wonderful. About 6 different kinds of cheese, many different sausages/meats, fresh fruits and vegetables, yogurt, cereal, fresh pastries, scrambled eggs, boiled eggs, juice and coffee. There was more that I'm sure I'm forgetting, but you get the idea. 

Where we ate breakfast. Also, the owner of the hotel was really nice and helped us with all of our questions. Hotel Seibel for the win!

I am going to be posting some of our adventures out of order, because I have more pictures of some places than of other. And that just makes it easier for me. For the small towns we've visited, I will probably just do one big post (even though we went to one of those places before we went to Munich). I don't want blogging about our trip to turn into a job (as my husband lovingly reminded me), because although we are on an amazing adventure, this is still our Christmas break and we need some peace and relaxation :)

Oh, by the way..I hope y'all had a very merry Christmas! 


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