Days 16-20's been a while. Sorry about that. We have been getting things ready for our trip and partaking in every Christmas activity possible. I've done well for the most part, but I have been more liberal with trying things. My friend Dawn and I made Christmas candy Saturday morning and she taught me how to make fudge! So I obviously tried a teeny tiny bite. 

I haven't felt as great as a did at the beginning of the challenge, and I think it's because I'm not drinking enough water. I should also be exercising more, but I honestly don't know how I would fit that in. After our trip, when our world slows down a little bit I will be back at it.

Zucchini pasta.

Yummy ness

My cutie pie niece. 

I will try to do really well the next few days before we leave (which is Thursday afternoon, btw)!


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