Days 21-23

Hello bloggies! This will be my last Whole 30 post (for now). Today is day 23, and our last day to do Whole 30 since we LEAVE FOR GERMANY TOMORROW!! Sorry, only a little excited. 

I told Jesse this morning before heading to work that since it was the last day I had a feeling I would be tempted more than usual. And that was definitely accurate. My day started off with my sweet coworker bringing a pan of homemade cinnamon rolls-per person. I had my own pan, yall! But..I resisted. Then we had and awesome casino day at work and there were snacks galore. But the busier I got, the less I thought about food for the rest of the day, so that's good.

 I have actually enjoyed doing this challenge. I know we won't eat like we should for the next two weeks, but that's ok. We can get back on track after our trip!

Thanks to everyone who has read along and encouraged me throughout this challenge. We weigh/measure tomorrow, so we will get those results in the morning. Non scale results? Jesse has gone down two notches on his belt, my jeans are loose, my skin is clearer than ever and I don't crash due to sugar/bread everyday. Over all id say that's a success! :)


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