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Hello friends! I've been working on the picture formatting for this post for a long time. I work on it, save it, then pick it back up when I'm ready to be frustrated by technology. I'm sure it's operator error.  😎
I was looking back over my FOUR (only 4!) blog posts that I made last year and realized they are all travel-related. Within the next few months my goal is to share about our garden, essential oils and a few recipes. Actually, my goal was to post once a month in 2017. Oops. It's March. 
So a few months ago (ahem, November), I shared about our time in Seattle, which was the first part of our trip to the Pacific Northwest. I feel like we did a lot more touristy stuff in Seattle. I joked with people before we left for this trip that the only thing I cared about doing while there was eating. That ended up being pretty accurate, especially in Portland. 

This is one of the streets we passed when walking to the MAX (Metropolitan Area Express--light rail). I lov…

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