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lobstah rolls and light houses

Jesse and I flew to Boston in October of 2017. There were SO many places in the New England area that we wanted to see, that we decided to rent a car and see as much of that area as we could. We started our trip in Boston, drove to Salem, Massachusetts and then to Portland, Maine. After that, we headed to Vermont and drove to several different towns there. After Vermont, we headed to Connecticut. We basically did the grand Gilmore Girls tour. Sigh. Tears. Still not over it. After Connecticut, we drove to Rhode Island and then back to Boston. We covered a lot of ground, but tried to make it as relaxing and fun as we could so that it didn't feel like work, ya know? One thing that made that easier is the fact that the Northeast is a pretty small part of the country, so everything is pretty close together.

First stop..Bahston. What a fun city.

Our Airbnb, super nice and looked out at Boston Harbor. 

As soon as we got settled into our Airbnb, we took the train to downtown Boston.  Our …

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