Day 7-one and done

Yippy skippy! We finished our first week! I am so very proud because we didn't cheat at all. I know that doesn't seem like a big thing, but being around/offered food that we can't have every day of the challenge is very hard. I think the hardest part happened tonight at the grocery store. I didn't realize I was hungry until we were walking around, looking at all the "good" food. I usually don't grocery shop on an empty stomach for that reason. But we resisted about bought only Whole 30 approved foods. I'm looking forward to cooking some yummy meals this week.

Leftovers from Saturday night. My sweet Granny made a yummy meal that followed the guidelines of Whole 30. Delicious steak and squash that melts in your mouth!

Watching him eat sweet potato chips. (I realize that might not be a great thing to eat, since one of the main points of doing this challenge is so that you break out of the craving junk food mind set and this is kind of like replacing potato chips)

Ok, if we can do a week, I think that we can do 3 more! (actually less than 3, because we will end our challenge early when we head to Germany)



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