Day 5

Happy Black Friday! We got our cardio in today by doing a little shopping. I felt like a million bucks all day--so not the way I would usually feel after a thanksgiving meal. I had energy from the time I woke up to the time I passed out in the car on the way home, which was pretty late. Also, I am noticing that things that do not have any added sugar, only natural sugar (bananas, pomegranate, pumpkin) are tasting much sweet than they did a few days ago. I was told that this would happen, but I am still in amazement. 

Lunch was colorful and delicious. Leftover turkey (duh), salad, Roma tomatoes and some delicious lemon water. My Grandmommy said "well that looks pretty good, I might could do this too!"! 

We had a bit of a struggle trying to decide what to eat for dinner since we were on the road. It was our first time eating out since starting the Whole 30, and neither of us wanted to mess up. We decided on Applebee's, and we both got a hamburger with no bun and no cheese, and substituted sweet potato fries for regular fries. Probably not the best choice, but we were just trying to follow the basic rules. 

Oh, and sorry this post is approximately 35 minutes late. We just got home from Texas!


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