Happy Birthday, Cory!

Today is my brother Cory's 21st birthday! This is a very special day because when Cory was a baby we were told that it was very likely that he would not make it to his first birthday. After that, surely he wouldn't make it to his 5th birthday..Although it has never been an easy road, he is still here many years later. He suffers from a rare disease called Methylmalonic Acidemia. Cory is still nonverbal, and always will be, meaning that we are not able to have an actual brother-sister relationship, but I love him very much and he is very precious to me and my family. We had a little birthday party tonight, celebrating his 21 years. We ate dinner, sang happy birthday and ate cake. (Cory was able to eat cake too! He loves the icing). It seemed like kind of a bittersweet birthday, because although he is 21 and healthy for his condition, he is still having some problems that we have not figured out. He will be seeing a specialist at some point soon, so please pray that this problem is solved so that he can go back to his happy, happy, happy self!

Me and little chubby cheeks Cory 


                         This boy loves his Granny! And she absolutely adores him. She is an angel.

A picture of Mom and Cory that was in the News Star after he was diagnosed with MMA

I'm so thankful for another year with my brother. I'm also thankful for my parents who have sacrificed so much to give us the best life possible. They have always tried to make life as normal as possible with a special needs brother. They always put our needs first. I can't imagine doing what they do, every day, but I am so So SO thankful for them. If you are close to someone with special needs, you know what I am talking about. I am thankful for all of the people God put on this earth to take care of kids like Cory. 

Happy Thursday,


  1. He is lucky to have such a sweet sister! Happy Birthday Cory!
    Leah L.


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