Birthday Boy

Happy weekend! I hope that you all have had a great Saturday. I wanted to write a "happy birthday" post in honor of my sweet, sweet man. Jesse. He is so great for so many reasons and I feel so blessed to call him mine. He has been working nights for the past couple of weeks, and I am just so proud of his work ethic and good attitude. This means I haven't seen him much since he started this job, because he works from about 8p-8a then goes to his apartment and sleeps during the day. We aren't complaining though, because it is work and that is a blessing. So I thought I would list 5 reasons why I am so glad that God decided to bring Jesse into this world 29 years ago. I could literally list thousands of reasons, but for time's sake, I will limit myself to 5. And here. we. go! (anyone get that movie quote?):

1. He is absolutely golden. A complete gentleman, has never raised his voice, has ideal morals, puts God first in our relationship, encourages me to be better, is patient with me when I'm actin' a fool, helps me to pursue my dreams, but what makes him the most golden is that he daily leads our relationship in a Christ-centered direction. That is how I know he will be a wonderful husband and (one day!) an amazing father.

"Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love. Make every effort to keep the unity of the Spirit through the bond of peace."
Ephesians 4:2-3

We have focused on this verse a lot, and I feel like it encompasses Jesse's actions towards me and our relationship.

2. He knows how to make me laugh! Big time. We enjoy laughing together and always have so much fun. We enjoy doing the same things, and can have fun in almost any situation.

3. He is a man. A real man. A manly man, who knows how to fix anything (I've never come across something that he couldn't fix). Also, he is the smartest person I know.

4. He has a servant's heart and is just as kind as could be. He loves helping people in times of need. Hurricanes, flat tires, sick family get the point. When someone is struggling, he wants to do anything he can to help.

5. He has the sweetest family. I have felt like a part of Jesse's family from the first time that I met them. Jesse gets his great attributes from this precious family, I do believe. Also, they all love Jesus, which is extremely important to me.

Happy Birthday, Jesse!


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