Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Hello my trusty, patient friends. It's been...a minute since we returned from Germany. I was updating my blog while we were in Germany/Italy, but then we got to Italy and I lost all concern for documenting our trip. Honestly, I was much more excited about taking in the architecture, smells, sounds, art and culture. I was more interested in strolling the streets of Florence, eating gelato at midnight and taking in every detail of Italy. Not to say that Germany didn't deliver--it did. But Germany seemed to move at a slower, more deliberate pace. Also, we were staying with friends in Germany and we had more down time. 

Some things that happened while I've been on this blogging hiatus:

  • we bought our first house
  • we began remodeling said house
  • I went to the beach a couple of times
  • I bought my first car
  • almost melted in the terrible Louisiana heat
  • my incredibly thoughtful work family threw a surprise Christmas birthday party in JULY just for me
  • the hubs and I drove the Blue Ridge Parkway and spent a little time in Virginia
  • Adele released a new CD (shhh..this is relevant)
  • spent the holidays with family
  • hubs and I went to Walt Disney World with some super fun party people for NYE
  • during all of that we worked a lot, got a lot accomplished on the house, got closer to our house church family and watched some Parks and Rec and Downton Abbey

Back to the good stuff. My favorite town we visited on our trip to Germany was Rothenburg. The full name of the town is apparently Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is the town you picture in your mind when thinking of the home of fairy tales. It's a medieval town surrounded by a wall that was built in the 13th century. Rothenburg was the inspiration for the village in Pinocchio. Some filming for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I and II was done here. I'm just sayin'.

This is the historic, inner city area of Rothenburg. 

All the cuckoo clocks! I took this picture inside the famous Kathe Wohlfahrt store. There were millions of Christmas ornaments and decorations. The entire store looked like Buddy the Elf had given it a makeover. Also, this is where we purchased our cuckoo clock!
View from the wall.

A bridge that connects part of the wall.

                                                  Just some pictures from around the town..

Mezzo Mix tasted like Coca-Cola mixed with orange flavor. Doner Kebab (German street food, basically a lamp gyro sandwich, which was delicious) and fries. And my favorite treat of the trip--Lebkuchen! This is a traditional German treat that tastes like a lightly iced gingerbread cookie. But with a slightly thick outer shell and the inside had a marshmallow cream-ish consistency. SO GOOD! I discovered later that Trader Joe's carries these during the holidays. 

I am so thankful that we had a personal tour guide (AKA Jesse's BFF) showing us these picturesque Bavarian towns. Brad is passionate about history, so that made learning about these towns extra fun. I would love to go back to Rothenburg one day. I would definitely suggest that you add it to your bucket list if you're planning on making it to that area.

             Thanks for reading! I will have several more posts out about this trip and others soon.


  1. I loved reading this. You're such a good writer. Your enthusiasm shows in your words.


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