Well, we survived our first year of marriage! Survived? That's not exactly how I feel like we spent our first year. More like a year long sleep over with my very best friend. I have thoroughly enjoyed being married to Jesse Hutson, and look forward to all the rest of our days together. I'm not saying everyday has been perfect..not even close. We are human..we are selfish, stubborn and sometimes a little childish. The biggest lesson I've learned from our first year of marriage is to listen more. It never hurts to just. shut. up. We have come a long way in how we communicate, and I'm thankful for Jesse's patience and God's grace.

     That brings us to the topic of this blog--celebrating our first year of marriage in Tennessee! We wanted to go somewhere awesome, but not too far away, so we went to Chattanooga, TN. We had a wonderful time seeing new places together. Since our anniversary is near the fourth of July, we only had to take off work for one day to enjoy a four day weekend.

Our first night was spent walking around downtown Chattanooga and trying to get a game plan. We ate BBQ and enjoyed a fourth of July festival and concert.

So, I want to briefly explain the next few pictures so that it makes more sense. Jesse's anniversary gift to me was a pair of tickets to a Brandi Carlile concert in Nashville (about 2 hours away from Chattanooga). First of all, this was not just any concert. It was Brandi Carlile accompanied by the Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Secondly, I can't really even go into detail in this post because it would just be too much. It was just that good. I will write a separate post dedicated to the concert. I'm sure you are all just on the edge of your seats. 

This was the best sandwich ever. That is why I am sharing a poor quality iPhone picture. You just needed to see the goodness that is a fried green tomato BLT from Puckett's Grocery.

The Schermerhorn Symphony Center, where the concert was that night.

We visited the Johnny Cash museum, which I really enjoyed! 

Enjoying a fancy celebratory dinner at The Farm House. Pork belly, lamb loin, gnocchi..oh the eats. They were delicious. 

The best picture we could get from a kind passerby. Standing in front of the symphony center.


Hiking Raccoon Mountain. We didn't see a raccoon, but we did see a doe, a waterfall (that I was not able to capture due to..fear of heights and edges of mountains), wild blackberries and huckleberries. I think we hiked about 5 miles. So fun!

A view from our hike.

Downtown Chattanooga.

A part of downtown Chattanooga that displayed several different sculptures.

Our year old Italian creme cake. Surprisingly, it was delicious!

Tennessee was so great. I'd like to go again and spend more time in the mountains and less time in the city. Like I said before, I will have to make a separate post about the Brandi Carlile concert. Until then, why don't you do yourself a favor and check out the jams on her website.

Goodnight 24. See you in the morning 25.


  1. Y'all are so sweet together! Loving life together! Hope you enjoy many many more wonderful years. New adventures always await.


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