Cumpleaños de mi Madre

Happy (belated) Birthday to my favorite Mom! She is amazing for so many reasons. She's put up with me for 23 years, she always puts her family first, she is my bff, she is fun, she is a great wife to my Step-Dad (Steve) and the best Mother that God could have possibly given to my brother, Cory (and to me!). The list goes on and on. I am so thankful for her and look forward to celebrating the big 5-0 next year!

The birthday girl in her crown that her sweet coworker and friend made for her at work. (ps-doesn't she look great?? Not that she needed it (really, she didn't), but -20lbs. looks great on her! Go Mom!)

              My newest "project", planting lemon seeds. I don't really know that I did it right, but I am so excited to see if they will sprout. So far, they haven't. I guess I should give them more than 3 days. Whatevs.

                        Easter decorations on my mantle. I got the awesome print from this sweet blog.

The is my back patio. My next project is to build a pergola over the brick area. And by build, I mean watch Jesse, Steve and my Uncle Bill build a pergola while I sip lemonade (from the lemons that I am growing, of course) and buy plants to grow on this pergola.

This is what it will look like when I, I mean they, are finished. 

In other news, I bought a Spanish workbook so that I can brush up on my Spanish skills since I will be going to Nicaragua in August. Also, I LOVE learning Spanish and kind of enjoy doing homework. I miss college. Judge me!

Happy Saturday. Make it a great one!


  1. Bueno suerte con su Espanol!!
    Tia Leah


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