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So, I am always seeing these wonderful little blogs that inspire me to garden, sew, cook, be a better person and all of those good things. I'm going to attempt to post on my adventures in gardening, crafting, traveling and all of the fun stuff in between. I may be asking for advice (not sure if that is allowed here) or giving advice (not sure that I have much to give). Please feel free to give any advice/opinion that you would like! I hope you enjoy!
This is my new house. I am working on landscaping (as you can see the this house is in desperate need). I love having a place where I can get outside and play, I mean work, in the yard. After a couple of weeks of work, we have many different types of plants and flowers. My fiance, Jesse, has been working overtime in the yard. He usually complains about landscaping because of a previous landscaping job that he had, but I think that he secretly enjoys it ;)

This is my back yard, please excuse the fact that I have yet to mow.

This is the garden the day we dug trenches and  planted our plants and seeds. I will add an updated picture of the garden soon. There are several plants sprouting: squash, zucchini, cilantro, radishes, cucumber and watermelon. We dug these trenches in order to collect rain water in hopes of having to water it less. This plan works well, unless there is A LOT of rain. And that rain does not drain quickly. Then, you have little ponds in between your rows. And algae grows in those little ponds. BUT..the plants didn't seem to mind, so neither will I!

The weather was a little cooler than usual for this time of year the other evening, so Jesse and I took advantage of it by building a fire in the fire pit (my best Dirt Cheap find yet-$25!) and enjoying coffee and cookies.

This is my sweet little kitchen window. It is missing one of the most important things-sweet little homemade curtains. I'm on it though. That is one of my projects for this weekend.

I will post about my job and cooking ventures soon!


  1. I am proud of you for blogging and joining the blogging world!!!! Great 1st entry!!!

  2. You are Adorable!! Looking forward to learning more about gardening!!!!!

  3. I am still trying to figure all of this out. Thanks for the sweet comments, many moons late!!


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